A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 20 years

Our philosophy

Ortygia Food Experience is a journey immersed among the gastronomic, artistic and crafts excellence of
the Sicilian territory.
A sensory experience accompanied by the suggestions offered by the ambient of the place, delicacies for
the palate, strong and sweet flavours accompanied by artisan and Sicilian slow foods.
The smell of freshly baked food, contemporary art, the wine selections and the joy of portraying Ortigia
Island with all its shades of colour and flavour.


Sicilian products and organic food

We constantly buy and help Sicilian farms and organic farmers, with products of Italian origin.


Our Love for Food

It can definitely affirm that the typical sicilian cuisine is a real travel through the story, it had strongly been influenced by Greek, Roman, Arabic, Norman populations and so on. A variety of flavours hard to forget like “arancino” defined the king of street food, or “cannolo” considered the prince of sicilian confectionery art. In conclusion Ortygia Food Experience is nothing more than the synthesis of all this, infact the dedication and our daily purpose is let our guests know and taste the delights of culinary tradition of sicilian’s land in Malta.